Bassanonet allows you to manage the data easily in public and private clouds including cloud hyperscale providers. Cloud Computing is a new generation service that allows users to access applications, data and cloud based services residing on remote servers and accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. The different applications are available directly from aggionate Interact and do not require any installation and configuration by customers with significant benefits in terms of reduction of costs and resources used.

Cloud solutions

  • Storage

    Data storage services that are accessible anytime and from anywhere on the web.
  • Database

    The service allows you to set up, manage and save a relational database in the cloud.
  • Website creation Cloud Based

    Dynamic web sites that are hosted in the cloud so you have maximum control of all the processes of publication, updating and maintenance of the platform.
  • Business Process Management

    Management and optimization of all business processes through the CMS application.

Cloud options

  • Data backup

    The service provides a virtual space on which to store and perform backups for data protection.
  • Disaster Recovery

    The service allows the recovery and the technological infrastructure recovery in a short time following the wrong operation of the system.
  • Load Balancing

    The system allows to distribute the load of a specific service on different machines installed in order to achieve optimal resource utilization, maximize productivity, minimize response time, and avoid infrastructure overload.
  • Monitoring

    Monitoring of the system performance in terms of views of peaks, bandwidth and other parameters.


  • Access to services at all times and in all places

    Cloud solutions exceed all geographical limitations arising from the management of local services online, giving access to services to anyone, anywhere.
  • Reducing inefficiencies resulting from hardware and software problems

    Cloud solutions offer are based on redundant structures whose failure can be restored very quickly. With the many options you can protect data and easily restore services malfunctioning.
  • Speeding deployment and improvement of data protection cycles

    For more and more effectively address the changes to which companies and organizations are subjected. Thanks to Backup systems and disaster recover it has greater assurance on the reliability of data and data protection.
  • Highly scalable, modular and on demand

    The services may be cut according to the specific needs of the customer in terms of the platform (Volume of traffic functionality, space, bandwidth, computational complexity of the machines, time restrictions) and depending on the budget. The company shall not acquire durable assets, the infrastructure is scalable and therefore adapt quickly and flexibly to dimensional changes, markets.
  • Reduce costs associated with managing digital assets

    The cloud solutions enable a significant reduction in storage costs, management, updating and maintenance of the platform. Also you do not need any initial technology investment, and you can also get savings on energy front.

Hosting plans

The Hosting Bassanonet Professional provides advanced e-mail, registration of your domain name, tools and resources for creating a functional website through the most innovative and advanced technologies. It provides you with configurable and scalable services on your current and future needs. It offers accurate and clear guidance on the band and on the resources offered allowing you to choose the best product for your internet applications to be surprises shelter. The diagram below provides a summary of the salient aspects of the offer. The products are developed and available on Unix platform.

Shared hosting

Operating system Linux
Apache 2 con supporto PHP e Perl
Disk space Scalable
Services included
Domain registration
Addresses email pop3 / imap Scalable
Control panel
Backup Daily / Weekly
Technical assistance

Dedicated Virtual Server

Operating system Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, o CentOS
Disk space 30GB > 600GB Scalable
Traffic 10TB Monthly
Root access
Services included
Domains Unlimited
Management Panel Plesk Onyx
  • Plesk Onyx / cPanel & WHM
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Postfix
  • YUM package management


SECUREPEC is the email service certified Bassanonet with registered value of the recommended addressed to: companies, professionals and public authorities, as required by law no. 2 to 28 January 2009. The solution is to create an email with consultation via email or webmail client.


  • Immediate certification of: content, date and time of shipment, authenticity of the sender's box.
  • Immediacy of the time of receipt.
  • Ability to attach documents to the message of any format (projects, audio and video files).
  • No wasted time in queues at the post office.
  • Cutting costs, envelopes, letters, stamps, fax.
  • The annual price of a PEC box does not include additional costs based on usage.

When using the PEC

  • For sending and receiving orders, contracts, invoices.
  • For individuals and companies who want to avoid expenses and code for sending recommended.
  • To forward circulars and directives.
  • For public entities that need to send official communications to other authorities or citizens.