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We work beside you with passion to seize the opportunities offered by your company network. is the internet division of Bassanonet specializing in the management of the online presence of individuals and companies. Its agile and flexible organization, is able to adapt to rapidly changing network and is able to offer simple and reliable solutions, designed to also measure the reality of small and medium scale.
Bassanonet guarantees constant control of its server farms through a sophisticated software that can monitor the installed machines 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7, verifying performance and reliability. Thus any fault is signaled and notified in real time to our technicians that intervene immediately.

Agile, innovative, cost-effective

This is the system he works division dedicated to companies and professionals.

Technology and Security

To offer a service-oriented business world we have designed and built our technological infrastructure providing it with a whole range of solutions and mechanisms that make it safer than other cloud computing solutions. The Virtual Private Cloud which will be allocated will be reached exclusively via encrypted connections, in accordance with international standards, from your homes and from your authorized mobile terminals. No one else can, through the Internet, groped access or even just to get to your servers and your applications.
We use only servers and network security and enterprise-class devices. These devices are designed to be strong and secure and used by any organization with critical infrastructure. We use a system of protection on various levels, along with continuous monitoring and real-time alarms, ensures a high level of safety and a quick response to possible intrusion attempts.

Ensure a standard of quality of service and constant in line with the provisions of any contract; our infrastructure has the following characteristics:
  • Full redundancy of all devices (network, security, server, and storage), no single point of failure;
  • Redundant network line connected to the Internet and the power supply lines;
  • Quality control mechanisms implemented in the entire production line (network, security, server and storage) aiming at maintaining negotiations standard;
  • Quality monitoring system that can provide reports to customers on using the service.


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General informations

Via Orazio Marinali 51/53 - 36061 Bassano del Grappa VI (ITALY)
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