Web sites

Bassanonet deals with the design and creation of dynamic websites and responsive, offering customized solutions from the creation of graphical integration into our CMS, which will allow you of a simple and effective content management, automatically adapting to any device. Each project is carefully studied, based on the needs of the customer and with the utmost attention to detail.

  • Programming and development

    HTML5, CSS, JQUERY, PHP, JSON, MySQL are just some of the languages and technologies used daily by our team. Custom software development is the way that allows us to be more and get to solve the most varied needs of integration with Web Internet applications. Bassanonet outset it realizes exactly tailored custom applications, thanks to professional programmers are able to propose solutions ad hoc.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    We realize the scalable content management systems that allow full control of the website, ensuring efficiency, flexibility and ease of use. We design high quality websites aesthetic focusing on ease of use, simple and optimal navigation on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

  • Web marketing and SEO

    Optimized, original content, integration with social media and SEO technical specifications to increase the visibility of your website in natural search. We are always looking for innovative ways to increase visibility and to engage the user in all social networks. Bassanonet is able to provide its customers with expertise and dedicated resources in digital marketing.

  • Advice communication plans

    Each project and the result of a precise methodology dilavoro that allows us to give concrete answers and fast to achieve the best possible result in the full respect of the philosophies and business strategies. Each solution and 'the result of a careful analysis of the customer's own business, the target market and its competitors.


In a booming industry such as E-Commerce we have chosen to develop a platform capable of giving maximum control over every aspect of the process. Availability management, orders, returns, carts, customers, deals, prices, marketing, market research: the issues to manage in the face of shopping experience are many and complex to be quick, easy, in three clicks. We specialize in the creation of retail sales experience for the global market by linking customers to your brand or product. Our expertise covers all aspects of e-commerce, offering complete solutions B2B and B2C.

Application web-based

One of the primary objectives that arise companies is to increase the efficiency of internal management processes. People acquire and exchange information according to more or less explicit and shared procedures through which the company receive and fulfill orders, delivers services, manages financial flows etc ...
Improving these processes, automate and streamline where possible, to relate means to acquire the data available at the corporate level of the opportunity to do more and better, with a saving in terms of resources and time.
Bassanonet operates with professionalism and competence, seeking the most appropriate modalities of management of the information and workflows specifically tailored to the target audience developing software and CMS (Content Management System) is in the internet that even intranet environment as a support to the Marketing and corporate communications.

Applications for iOS/Android devices

We develop applications for iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Android. It is custom applications to be distributed both via the App Store (for end users) or in-house (for internal use).
Applications deployed via App Store are an excellent way to increase your visibility or to integrate your services.

Applications in-house, can be created for:
  • Interface directly to your back office system. In this way, the management will always have on your iPhone or iPad the information necessary for the management of business processes and strategic decision to be taken.
  • Improve the productivity of your employees and co-workers. We can create applications that allow them to constantly monitoring reports, manage mobility projects and collaborate more easily on the go.
  • Make compelling demonstrations of our products directly to customers, with updated catalogs in real time and with unbeatable enjoyment.